R&D concepts

  1. Pump-oxygenator

An innovative artificial lung making use of elastic materials, in order to improve perfusion in the fiber bundle, thus improving gas exchange efficacy through optimal surface area utilization. Moreover, the elastic mantle can also be operated individually through a proprietary external drive unit to further enhance perfusion through pulsation. Under certain circumstances the device may also propel blood itself, thus allowing pump-free operation.

  1. Cardiotomy reservoir

A redefined multipurpose venous reservoir based on small gas exchanger modules, capable of active gas bubble elimination, as well as limited gas exchange capacity for a fraction of the volume and significantly improved hemocompatibility.

  1. Redesigned dialyzer

Shorter but wider dialyzers provide superior ultrafiltration rates with reduced transmembrane pressure, lower shear stresses and decreased hemolysis.

  1. High-altitude trainer

The first portable active HAT combining gas exchanger technology with an agile O2 sensor offers unparalleled versatility for optimal individualized adjustability, as well as adequate CO2 elimination to avoid any adverse effects from frequent implementation. Available as a medical device, as well as a wellness-fitness product.

  1. Coating techniques and moreā€¦

New coating methods have been developed, altering the physical properties and the bio-/hemocompatibility of the capillary membranes used in extracorporeal circulation modalities, often leading to ground-braking inventions and patents.